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The know-how of three generations

History of the estate

Located in the Antequera region(Malaga),it occupies the old farmhouse of the Counts of Colchado, listed as a building of historical and patrimonial importance by the Council of Andalusia. Our work was dedicated to cereal and vines from 1679 until the start of the 19th Century. Then, once a mill was built for grinding olives, olive trees became the main focus of cultivation.  Most of the building was built with a baroque air, during the final stages of this style in the 18th Century, with the additions coming in the 19th Century. Currently the estate covers 310 hectares consisting of 220 hectares of old olive trees and the rest of a new plantation. This produces an average of 800,000 to 1,200,000 kg of olives a year.

Our own harvest

All our oil comes from olives which we have harvested ourselves. This allows us to control the harvest, the time taken until they are processed and therefore, the final quality of the extra virgin olive oil.

In the case of the LEGADO range, we only use olives of the Hojiblanca varietal. These are harvested early using the traditional hand-pole beating method, catching the olives as they fall from the trees; a process done at the time of day when the temperatures are lower. This early oil specifically comes from the oldest olive trees, located at higher ground on the rolling hills of the Hacienda de Colchado estate. These olive trees only grow on higher ground, where they are at the mercy of the weather, suffering the harshest conditions. These trees are only visited for pruning and finally at harvest time, when they present us with their delightful riches.


Producing our oil with love

As well as using an olive of the highest quality, timing is also key in this process. All our fruit is selected choosing the healthiest and most wholesome olives to go through the milling process, making sure that they are clean with no leaves or branches. This procedure is carried out in the two hours after collection, always using a cold extraction method at temperatures below 20ºC, with short blending times. At this moment, as the aromas and nuances from the volatile components are concentrated, our olive oil is born.

They are subjected to two cleaning processes using centrifugation, separating the liquids from the solids. At the end of this process and in order to guarantee excellence in our final product, we taste each batch, choosing and classifying the best and storing them in stainless steel tanks for conservation and subsequent packaging.





Our awards Legado


Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

Gold en 2016
Silver en 2017 y 2018

Others competitions

2016 Wina. 2016 Mediterranean International Olive Oil Competition.  LiderPack

Worldstar Winner 2017


Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

Bronze en 2016
Silver en 2017 y 2018

Top 100 Evooleum

2017 y 2018

Mediterranean International Olive Oil Competition

Gold 2016 y 2017

Olive Japan. International Extra Virgen Olive Oil Competition

Silver 2016. Gold 2017

Others competitions

Iberoleum 2018. Gold 2017 London International Olive Oil Competitions. 2016 China International Olive Oil Competition

Mención Aceites de Producción Limitada

Expoliva 2017

New York Internacional Olive Oil Competition

Gold 2016, 2017 y 2018

Our awards Experience


New York International Oilve Oil Competition

Silver 2018

Gold 2016

Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

Gold 2018 y 2016

Others competitions

Gold 2016 Mediterranean International Olive Oil Competition. 2016 China International Olive Oil Competition. 2016 Silver Olive Japan International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 

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