Once again we can applaud our efforts! The packaging of our EVOO ‘Legado’ has been awarded at the ‘Liderpack’ competition with the Premium Pack award for the best presentation of a product in the medium-high standard range.
The advertising agency ‘Al Margen Comunicación’ responsible of the whole design had the idea of presenting our product ‘Legado’ to ‘Liderpack’ since these are the most notorious awards held in Spain concerning packaging and advertising at the selling point, also known as ‘PLV’ in Spanish.
These awards are organized by ‘Graphispack Asociacion’ and the show ‘Hispack de Fira’ from Barcelona, which are held annually since 2005.

LiderPack’ is looking for the innovative packaging aiming to the final consumer or the overall best industrial use of the packaging at the transport and different logistics of the product. At the selling point section they choose the groundbreaking solutions and different elements that produce the buying decisions at the final retail point between the costumer and the product.
Different attributes are taking in consideration: originality, ergonomics, innovation, creativity, design, assembly procedure, materials and the commitment to sustainability.


Besides receiving an award at the national competition, the packaging project for ‘Legado’ extra virgin olive oil has been appointed to represent Spain at ‘World Star for Packaging’ organized by the ‘World Packaging Organization’ ‘WPO

The most awarded projects at the packaging category are automatically signed in at the international competition thanks to the sponsorship of ‘Graphispack Asociación’ and the show ‘Hispack de Fira’ from Barcelona. Only the projects whose Packaging have been awarded at national events can take part at ‘WorldStar’ competition, in this case the ‘LiderPack’.
The jury, represented by experts from different countries, decides by consensus if the packaging project is entitled to be the ‘WorldStar’, whether because of its higher quality among the rest of the packaging projects or the enhanced detail comparison with other projects of the same category

‘Legado’ packaging project.

Brand and package comprehensive design for Premium EVOO.

Product: Extra virgin olive oil, single variety.
Hojiblanca variety from single-state private harvest produced as a limited edition.

‘Legado’ is an end-to-end development project to create the brand and packaging of an hojiblanca single variety and early harvest extra virgin olive oil. A premium extra virgin olive oil of which its production and pressing process is done in a careful and great attention to detail way.

Our process begins with the creation of the name for the brand, a name that states the philosophy of a family that wants to offer the best of their crops, the virgin fruit of their efforts, its ‘Legacy’.

Our focus was to create the concept of a strong brand with its own character that stands out from the competitors. The coherent and legible brand sticks out from the white background with distinct retro feel typography.

To determine the bottling process we search for a thick bottom glass bottle with such a quality that the product feels premium by simply lifting its bulky weight. The bottle is then treated with an olive colour matt paint related to the whole project. After this we have designed a flowery delineation which surrounds the bottle round all its curve and works as the bottle background decoration.
All the graphical design around the bottle is done with two colours, black and white, which are applied into a base colour in the painting process.
This vintage style used for the overall esthetics makes it sustainable over time, smart and stands out from all the rest. Both the paint and the drawing inks applied during the serigraph printing are biodegradable and environment friendly.

We continue with the ‘Legado’ packaging design by creating a box which consists of different cardboard pieces assembled making a recyclable and sociably respectful material as this is assembled by hand at the PROMI WORK GROUP, a group of disabled people as part of their society integration process.
This cardboard packaging serves as a presentation and shipping format of each bottle unit. The box incorporates a background Kraft paper label and the stamp numbering each one of the 2200 bottles marketed. Finally at the front of the box we created a label which contains the tasting notes of this subtle EVOO, the proof of concept that shows its limited edition, as well as a small sticker specifying that contains a pouring cap inside each unit.

Thanks to its bottle appeal the ‘Legado’ packaging represents the great quality of the single variety and early harvestextra virgin olive oil the consumer is about to taste. It clearly represents our extra virgin as a premium and limitededition product.
The preservativo of our most precious heritage, our centuries old ‘Hojiblanca’ olive trees, and our efforts while harvesting its fruits straight to the oil mill at the coolest time of the day as well as the exclusive cold pressing process to obtain the most delicate and fresh olive oil is what makes our project respectful to the environment and our culture. This ideology span of ‘Hacienda de Colchado’ is what ‘Legado’ represents with its packaging and unmatched taste.