Thanks to its great aromatic complexity, its elegant green color and its countless nuances to our senses, Legado has been elected one of the 10 best extra virgin olive oils of Spain in 2018.

Legado has stablished itself among the top10 of this 3rd edition of Iber Oleum, the only Spanish guide of EVOO. This recognition makes us feel proud and satisfied with a work as rigorous as delicate, which has resulted in an exceptional harvest this season 2017-2018, not only with Legado, but with all our extra virgin olive oils.

According to the Olimerca magazine, it has been 4 hard days in which have been analyzed the organoleptic characteristics of more than 150 extra virgin olive oils from Spain that have taken part into this 3rd edition. Baeza has been the city chosen to perform this olive oil tasting, a ceremony included in the celebrations of the 15th anniversary of the proclamation of Baeza as World Heritage City.

Legado, our hojiblanca monovariety captivates everyone with its high quality and elegant green color with gold reflections. Its scent is fruity and intense, a smell that reminds to fresh grass, where the green apple and banana touches are mixed with a hint of tomato plant and herbs.

Sweet in the mouth, green almond aftertaste with a pleasant white pepper finish.

We are proud of producing one of the 10 best extra virgin olive oils of Spain, whose taste of Malaga gives us the satisfaction of knowing that everywhere it goes, Legado captivates everyone with its high quality and unique flavor.