Hacienda de Colchado achieves two gold awards at the NYIOOC in New York U.S.A with its brands Legado and Experience.



For such a young project as Hacienda de Colchado, we couldn´t think our EVOOs will achieve such an important recognition, not even in our best dreams. Our main objectives were to be present in the circle of global competitions to start receiving a recognition for the excelence of our product, to achieve a bronze award or a diploma would have been a success. To achieve two gold awards, one for each olive oil produced at Hacienda de Colchado, was a dream that has come true.



Good luck doesn´t come by itself, our efforts and dedication together with our passion for the olive groves and extra virgin olive oil production, which is our main way of life, has lead us into thinking that there is only road to victory, the road of quality itself. Pulling together a work team with professionals in different areas that joining forces and knowledge will make a dream come true.



We spent a lovely evening with the rest of the awarded producers, panel of sommeliers and staff of the NYIOCCteam, where the interest in the quality of our early harvest olive oils is beggining to grow among different distributors in the U.S.A market.



We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who is making posible the reality of a project and the success ofHacienda de Colchado. Thank you all for your dedication.

2016 NYIOOC Awards for Hacienda de Colchado

EVOO Legado Limited Edition from Hacienda de Colchado

2016 Gold Award for Robust Intense Hojiblanca

This oil is from the early harvest of the Hojiblanca varietal, which is collected mid-October when the olives acquire a yellow tinge which indicates the onset of the veraison, when their colour changes from green to black. At this stage of maturity, only a very small amount of oil is extracted. However, its sensory attributes and chemical qualities are tremendous. In this way, we produce an oil with a great aromatic complexity and a very high nutritional value due to its high content in natural antioxidants, which are responsible for its bitter and peppery finish. The yield of the fruit is very low but we are able to achieve the excellence which differentiates our extra virgin olive oil from the rest.

This is our philosophy: Legado, as its name suggests (Legacy in English), is the maximum expression of how we live for the olive groves, striving to produce the best oil as we have done for generations.

Tasting notes for Legado extra virgin olive oil

Intense green fruit of great aromatic complexity. Green tones that stand out are hints of apple, fresh herbs and tomato leaf, among others. Traces of banana peel, with a background of wild plants and geranium leaves are also noticeable to a lesser extent. It has a sweet entry on the palate, very balanced, with a pleasant pungent finish of white pepper. The fruitiness is reinforced retronasally and becomes more intense on the nose, leaving an almond aftertaste.

Experience from Hacienda de Colchado

Gold medal for Medium

Experience is ‘balance’, a single varietal of Hojiblanca, selected during November and December, when the olive is in the veraison stage, turning a purple-black colour. The oil extracted mixes green and riper tones, showing great balance, both on the nose and in flavour, which makes it ideal for all types of palates.

The short time that occurs until the milling process, together with the cold extraction of the fresh olive juice, allows us to capture the essence of the original fruit. As a result, we can produce an extra virgin olive oil we are proud of. Enjoy the experience.

 Tasting notes for Experience extra virgin olive oil

Green/ripe fruit with delightful aromatic elegance. On the nose, a mixture of green tones hint at freshly cut grass with fruity aromas of apple and ripe banana. It has a sweet and balanced entry on the palate, a pleasant peppery finish and an aftertaste of green almonds.

Other awards obtained by our brands Legado and Experience

packaging legado premio

Medal Bronze Robust Andalusia 2015 Monovarietal Hojiblanca en el concurso celebrado en Los Angeles EEUU ” Los Angeles International  Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competittion”

Medalla de Oro Robust Andalusia 2015 Primer premio a su presentación por su packaging en la modalidad “Effective Use of Desing Standard” en el concurso celebrado en Los Angeles EEUU ” Los Angeles International  Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competittion”

Medalla de oro experience

Medalla de Oro Frutado Medio Andalusia 2016 en el concurso celebrado en Los Angeles EEUU ” Los Angeles International  Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competittion”

Obtaining 2 gold awards to our EVOOs at the extra virgin international olive oil competition is a great source of satisfaction, obtaining 5 international awards in total commits us to follow our path. On our way to Terraolivo soon where we hope to carry on the winning streak and delight you all.