Awarded at Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition

We begin this week with great news !!

Our extra virgin olive oil Experience and Legado have been recognized for their quality with two awards in one of the most important international competitions on EVOO ( Extra Virgin Olive Oil) held in the United States.
Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2016

Medalla de oro experience

“Experience” has been awarded 2016 Gold Medal Medium Fruity Intensity.
“Experience” represents the balance in extra virgin olive oil. A single varietal hojiblanca selected during the months of November and December when the olives are turning color at the veraison phase. Green and ripe tones are mixed in the olive oil obtained presenting a great balance at both nasal and flavor taste, making it ideal for all tastes.

packaging legado premio

“Legado” has been awarded 2016 Bronze Medal Robust Andalusia.
“Legado” represents the excellence of Hacienda de Colchado. It’s an early harvest and limited production olive oil of the hojiblanca variety, harvested in mid-October when the olive acquires a yellow tinge which is the onset of the veraison. At this phase of ripeness the olive oil quantity obtained is very small. However, its sensory attributes and chemical composition are of a great quality.

Besides that, our brand “Legado” has been awarded the highest distinction in the contest of packaging for EVOO, first prize for its packaging in the category ‘Effective Use of Design Standard’ receiving the Gold Medal Robust. Designed and produced by “Al Margen Comunicacion” Marketing Consultant specializing in packaging. Our mostly deserved congratulations !

At Hacienda de Colchado these awards mean a recognition to all the work in the entire team involved in the production of great quality EVOO as well as an incentive to continue working on this new era of self-produced and bottled brand. This fortifies our attempts at Hacienda de Colchado to keep producing early harvest extra virgin olive oils, healthy products which make the difference.

Coming soon, we will keep you updated about our participation at the “New York International Olive Oil Competition”and “Terraolivo”, both important competitions where we will be taking our EVOO with great enthusiasm and the respect that we will be up against great competitors.
We hope to get luck on our side as well and be among the awards.